Fall is the time to start cleaning up for the year. Clean up should include pruning, reducing and shaping of plant material to spec of the plant keeping in mind not to over prune, reduce or shape. Over pruning, reducing and shaping can be harmful to the plant. Remember this Summer was hot and dry you may have to remove some dead or damaged limbs from the plant but be careful not to remove to much or the wrong thing.

Fall is the time to drain your hoses and put them away for the year to avoid damage from freezing or breaking pipes in your home.

Fall is leaf clean up time. Make sure you clean out from around your plant material, your lawn and beds. Mulching can be great for the lawn if you do not try to mulch to much at one time. My theory is if you can see leaves after mulching its to much for the lawn. To many mulched leaves in piles can actually kill the lawn over Winter so be careful.

Fall is a great time to plant that shrub or tree you wanted all season but didnt have time or didnt want to water all the time. You still have to water but the amount of times will be much less this time of season. Make sure you stake the plant material well and mulch it well to protect it from freezing and it will be fine. When is to late to plant that is when the ground freezes for the season.

Fall is great for one last fertilization of the lawns and plant material for the season this will help protect them through Winter and give a boost for Spring.


Looking to have a new Landscape or Hardscape installed. We can help from start to finish. We can design your vision for you then build from there so you have a wonderful place to go after working all day or for that weekend rest.

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