Summer Tip

The Summer heat is here and your plant material gets thirsty just like you. Remember to water regularly to keep the plant material stay healthy and happy. The rule of thumb is over 80 degree’s water twice a week and under 80 once a week. Some plant material is different. If you need help you can call our office staff and they will be more than happy to help you.

Turf Care

Did you know Grubs can destroy a lawn in less than two weeks. Make sure you know the signs of Grub damage beginning. You should be looking for small to large area’s of dead turf. If you have these area’s go to them and see if you can pull them up like a piece of carpet, if you can pull the turf up be looking for Grubs. They remind you of a large maggot. It’s very important that you treat the turf quickly to stop the Grubs.

Tree Care

Did you know with yearly tree care storm damage can in most cases be avoided. Simple pruning, inner canopy thinning and canopy raising can allow wind to travel through the tree instead of pushing on it. Removing all the dead and broken branches also will help to avoid damage and costly clean up to the property. Broken and dead branches are very dangerous to be under.

Burning Bushes

Did you know the biggest mistake everyone makes on pruning Burning Bushes is that they prune to soon. Pruning to soon takes away the brilliant red burn each Fall. Wait until the burn is over then prune back the new growth from the season. If the shrub is to large a hard prune can be performed to desired size.