Tree and Shrub Maintenance Services


We offer a full line of services to keep your trees and shrubs looking their best.

Tree and Shrub Maintenance

General Tree Care Services

  • Tree Pruning in Winter Months
  • Proper pruning
  • Support Cables and rods
  • Tree removal

Tree Pruning During the winter is a great time!

Pruning in the winter months provides so many benefits from appearance to safer and healthier trees.  Pruning dead branches from storms and disease and insects and even people promotes longevity and overall tree health.

Pruning of trees can be completed any time of the year depending on the type of tree, but winter is the best time especially late winter.  The pruning also is the same for shrubs.  Below are some the benefits of winter pruning:

  1. Between growing seasons
  2. Convenience
  3. Better visibility
  4. Better access

Tree Disease

Trees should be inspected yearly for disease and death of branches.  Trees should be inspected by a professional arborist for proper diagnostics to ensure proper repair to the tree.  Tree disease can be anything from insects to fungi and some of these can only be diagnosed by a professional arborist.

Shrub Care

Our professionals will prune and care for your shrubbery.  Our trained professionals will strive to keep a colorful, well kept appearance all year long.  During the pruning process, the technicians will prepare for winter protection and overall shrub health care by fertilizing or opening the shrub for health reasons or possible hard pruning for restarting the plant due to over growth.  While the technician is on site he will evaluate for fertilization or pest control and disease and form a plan for correction of any issues.  Our technicians determine the proper shearing tools to use because not all plants are pruned at the same time of year due to bloom and growth times.  For best times of pruning, please contact us for professional guidance.

Best Times for Tree and Shrub Fertilization

  • April – Early May
  • Fall when trees and shrubs are dormant