COVID-19 Response

Due to the COVID-19 spread, Hornbakers Landscaping LLC. has made changes to our operating procedures. Our clients may see more company trucks and/or personal cars on work sites to meet our social distancing guidelines and to keep our staff safe and healthy. Our staff is working as normal, but trying to keep 6 feet about at all times. We are limiting two people to each vehicle until further notice. Our staff has been fully trained on COVID-19 and understand the seriousness of the virus. Staff is interviewed each and every morning before entering the building and temperatures are checked as needed. All our tools, vehicles, doors, and office areas are cleaned and sanitized daily. We have asked our staff to stay home and self-quarantine if they are ill or feel ill. Hornbakers Landscaping LLC.’s number one concern is to keep our staff and clients safe in this time of COVID-19.

2020 Mowing Clients

Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, Hornbakers Landscaping LLC will NOT be having a set mowing day until the virus is over, nor will the mowing crew be calling weekly to let you know when we are coming as this slows the crew leader down. We have been granted a waiver to work, but that can change daily. At this time we do ask that no one approach the staff closer than 6ft so we can practice our social distancing as required by the state. Please see the crew leader of each crew if you need to talk to them. Also please do not ask the mowing crew to perform any extra task until this virus is over. We are keeping them on a tight schedule so everyone can be mowed in case we have to stop working. At this time we are only accepting checks and credit cards – NO CASH. This is to help keep our staff safe and healthy. Our staff has had training on COVID-19 and is practicing all the safety measures. All our equipment is cleaned daily, including our trucks. Hornbakers Landscaping is also performing morning checks on the crews as they arrive for work. Our goal is to keep all the staff and clients safe and healthy. For clients who have accounts with us please let us know if you are having trouble with keeping caught up with the weekly invoicing. Todd will talk with you to arrange payments as he knows everyone is going through a rough time. Thank you for your cooperation and understanding.

Other Client Changes

Hornbakers Landscaping LLC. has instructed all staff to practice social distancing of 6 ft from the clients as they discuss projects and answer questions.

Consultations will be made by appointment only and the estimators will practice 6 ft social distancing.

Both the estimators and the crews have been instructed not to shake hands or perform the elbow hit with clients or vendors so we can practice the social distancing policies and recommendations. This will help keep everyone safe and healthy.

Hornbakers Landscaping LLC. asks all clients who have a consultation appointment and are not feeling well to please call and reschedule. We will understand and this will help keep you and our staff safer.

Hornbakers Landscaping LLC. will only be accepting check or credit card until further notice. NO CASH WILL BE ACCEPTED. This is to help keep the spread of COVID-19 to a minimum and keep the clients and staff healthy.

Hornbakers Landscaping LLC. would like to thank all of our clients and staff for practicing social distancing and help fight COVID-19.